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Wayne Pre-Trial Services Programs

Pre-Trial Release and Enhanced Pre-Trial Release

The Pre-Trial Release program provides an alternative to money bail for qualified clients.  Our Pre-Trial Release staff interviews newly arrested inmates at the jail each weekday morning to assess their ties to the Wayne County community and risk of flight.  Information gathered during the interview process is then verified and the presiding Magistrate is then notified as to whether or not the inmate qualifies for participation in the Pre-Trial Release program.  The ultimate release decision is always left entirely to the judgment of the court.

Once a defendant has been released to Pre-Trial Release, they are then closely monitored throughout the duration of their pre-trial period.  Defendants are required to be in frequent contact with the Pre-Trial Release staff, during which time the Release staff verifies residence information and any upcoming court appearances.
The Enhanced Pre-Trial Release program operates in much the same manner as the “straight” Pre-Trial Release program.  Defendants are assessed using the same criteria, information is verified by the Release staff, and the presiding Magistrate is notified of the defendant’s qualification status.  However, for a client to participate in the Enhanced Pre-Trial Release program, he/she must participate in some form of chemical dependency or mental health treatment as a condition of their release. 

Once a defendant is released to the Enhanced Pre-Trial Release program, the Release staff maintains close contact not only with the defendant but also with their treatment provider.  Defendant compliance is closely monitored and frequent treatment updates are provided to the court. 

Pre-Trial Diversion

The Pre-Trial Diversion program provides intensive counseling and case-management services to early offenders in the criminal justice system, with the goal of reducing the client’s risk of future arrest.  In order to formally participate in the Diversion program, a client referral must be agreed upon by the presiding Magistrate, the District Attorney, and defense counsel.  The client must also voluntarily agree to participate.  The Diversion program is now available to both adolescent and adult clients, ages 17 and older.

A Diversion client spends an average of three months attending regularly scheduled counseling sessions, during which time they must not only meet the requirements of the Diversion program but also demonstrate substantial changes in their day-to-day lives.  Clients with specific treatment needs (such as chemical dependency or mental health) may be referred elsewhere for services, in which case their status in treatment is closely monitored and reported to the court.

Homeless Youth Services

Homeless Youth Services is a non-residential program offering supportive counseling and case management services, designed to assist clients between the ages of 16-20 who are homeless or at substantial risk of becoming homeless.  Although we do not operate a homeless shelter or residential facility, we are experienced in connecting young clients with safe and stable housing.  We also work to help clients address the trauma associated with becoming homeless at a young age, in addition to educational, vocational, and other significant counseling issues.

For after-hours calls regarding a homeless youth, please call 946-5624.  You will likely reach an answering machine, but further instructions will be available as part of the answering machine message.

Clients are never charged a fee for participation in any of the Pre-Trial programs.