Anger Management Diversion

Pre-Trial Diversion

A structured, time limited variation on the Diversion program.  Participation in this program involves completing 6 counseling sessions, following an intake session, with a focus on learning to identify and control behaviors relating to the anger response.  Clients must be motivated to complete written assignments between sessions.


Wayne Pre-Trial Services, Inc.

Voluntary, intensive counseling and case management program for early offenders. 

  • Ages 16 & older, with a goal of reducing the  client’s risk of future arrest. 
  • Referral must be agreed upon by the presiding Magistrate, the District Attorney, and the defense counsel. 
  • Average 3-4 months of counseling  sessions
  • Clients with specific treatment needs,  chemical dependency or mental health, may be referred for services, where their status in treatment is closely monitored and reported to the court. 

Successful Completion:

  • Demonstrate substantial changes in their day to day lives. 
  • Upon successful completion, a client receives an ACD or best possible outcome.
  • Must also be engaged in productive activities, educational program or employment, in order to successfully complete the program.