Enhanced Release

Electronic Monitoring

Wayne Pre-Trial Services, Inc.

Pre-Trial Release

The Pre-Trial Release program is a service to the courts that is designed to objectively assess the defendant’s qualifications for release on his/her own recognizance pending disposition of the criminal charge.  This verified information is provided to the court within 24 hours (72 hours on the  weekend) to expedite a safe and timely release.

The program provides defendants released through the program with services that stabilize their situations and ensure their appearance in court through timely notification of court dates.  The integrity of the dispositional process is ensured by promptly informing the court of any violations concerning special release orders.


If needed and/or requested by the court, staff will  refer  individuals for chemical and/or mental health evaluations.  Recommendations are then passed on to the court for consideration. 

If the presiding Judge agrees to release a defendant, the defendant will have the conditions of Basic Pre-Trial Release and also be required to participate in an intensive chemical dependency and/or mental health counseling program as a condition of their release.

Client progress is monitored and reported to the court until the resolution of the pending charge(s).


This form of release is ordered after the least  restrictive options have been exhausted and/or the presiding Judge deems there is a risk that the individual will not return for future court dates.  Basic electronic monitoring under Pre-Trial Release is GPS only unless additional conditions are necessary and ordered by the  presiding Judge.  This condition of release is a sixty (60) day order and must be readdressed to determine if this level of release is necessary prior to the end of sixty (60) days.

Wayne Pre-Trial Services staff monitor the defendant’s activities and coordinate the installation of the device with Wayne County Probation.  Client progress is then reported to the court until the resolution of the pending charge(s).