and Wayne County Homeless Youth Program

Clients are never charged a fee for participation in any of the Pre-Trial programs.

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Wayne Pre-Trial Services, Inc.

203 West Miller St., Second Floor

Newark, N.Y.  14513

phone: (315) 331-0897

toll free phone: (888) 231-9650

fax: (315) 331-6441

About Wayne Pre-Trial Services

Since 1979, Wayne Pre-Trial Services has provided supportive counseling, case-management, and court-based assessment and  monitoring services. 

Wayne Pre-Trial Services works to improve the lives of our clients by helping them to address issues such as contact with the criminal justice system, lack of safe and stable housing, and educational needs.

Agency programs include Pre-Trial Release, Pre-Trial Diversion, and the Homeless Youth Program.  For more information on each of these programs, please select the "Program Info" tab (above).

Wayne Pre-Trial Services is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit agency.  Our programs are currently supported by funding from the following sources:

  • Wayne County
  • The Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth
  • The United Way of Wayne County
  • New York State Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives